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Grannenfelt Finance's mission is to find funding solutions to realize companies' visions, including riskier projects that can solve significant challenges and build a sustainable future. Additionally, we serve as advisors for companies in mergers, acquisitions, and corporate restructurings.

Bringing together private and public financing

As corporate finance experts, we arrange both equity and debt funding as well as supportive financing instruments for our clients. We are our clients' personal guide, always aiming to find the most optimal solution for even the boldest projects by utilizing both public and private funding opportunities.

Comprehensive advisor in mergers and acquisitions

In mergers and acquisitions, Grannenfelt Finance advises both buy and sell-side clients. As M&A experts, we handle every stage of the project, from analysis and preparation to identifying counterparties, negotiations, and closing the deal.

Our values

Value creation

Value creation

Our actions are always guided by creating value for the client. 

We combine expertise in private and public funding to find the most optimal financing for growth, and we always provide the most efficient, comprehensive, and high-quality service to achieve the best possible outcome.

Belief in the future

Belief in the future

Our mindset and attitude at Grannenfelt Finance are best characterized by the courage to look beyond the present and the determination to change the current state. For us, the future means opportunities, and we instill the same belief in our clients.



We always bear responsibility as financial advisors, adhering to ESG regulations.

Through our collaborative efforts, we assist client companies in achieving their sustainability goals, contributing to the growth of green transition projects and companies that envision a better future.

The impact of our work is also evident in society through job creation, vitality, and continuity resulting from mergers and growth.



We are committed to advancing the interests and goals of our clients. We are known as reliable advisors, and we stick to this.

Our actions involve genuine customer focus and flexibility according to the customer's needs – we turn every stone to arrange the best possible financing and find suitable counterparties for mergers and acquisitions.

Our mission

Grannenfelt Finance’s mission is to find funding for companies to realize their visions. This includes supporting riskier projects that, if successful, can address significant challenges and contribute to building a sustainable future. 

We provide high-quality services to small and medium-sized enterprises through comprehensive corporate finance expertise, ensuring that mergers and their positive impacts are realized. 

We are dedicated to creating growth opportunities for tomorrow, both for individuals and businesses.

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Our vision

A sustainable tomorrow doesn't happen without a strong willingness for change and growth. Sometimes change means selling a company elsewhere, sometimes it means boldly expressing a vision, or expanding a business internationally.

All of this requires courage. Too often, fear, risk, financial difficulty, or investment uncertainty erode the belief in one's abilities and opportunities to bring about necessary changes.

We can change the status quo because the outcomes of our core activities—arranging funding solutions or finding a new owner—promote business development, growth, and trust.

Therefore, enabling growth and change is our daily guiding purpose. Our work is complete when every deserving project, business deal, or most robust vision has been brought from dreams to reality.

We create a world where bold opportunities come to the realization.

Grannenfelt Finance team

Experts in Finance & Business Acquisitions

The Grannenfelt Finance team is a seasoned and dynamic group of experts in corporate finance and business acquisitions. We are committed to promoting our clients' interests and achieving their goals.

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