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Nationally irreplaceable SMEs deserve the same quality advisory as the world's largest corporations. At Grannenfelt Finance, we see the continuum of potential in mergers and acquisitions and the opportunities for growth. Deals fall through due to the lack of the right buyer or continuator or because the company doesn't believe in its opportunities. We want to change the current situation: every opportunity should be taken.

We take pride in our ability to efficiently identify potential and relevant buyers and sellers. We are our clients' personal guide: navigating through challenging terrain, supporting our clients' goals and growth.

How do we support corporate restructurings?

We advise in mergers and acquisitions, serving both sell-side and buy-side mandates. We are involved in every phase of the project, from analyses and preparations to identifying counterparties, negotiations, and closing the deal.

We provide our clients with comprehensive advisory services for both company sales and acquisitions, as well as a range of corporate restructuring projects.

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Why choose Grannenfelt Finance as your advisor?

  1. We identify and communicate the foundation of the company's value 
  2. We enable our clients to access the same negotiation tables as both local and global buyers
  3. Our efficient and comprehensive M&A process enables the best outcome for our clients

Selected References

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Customer quote:
Grannenfelt Finance advised family-owned Nanten Oy on the sale of the company to Fescon:

"The process with Grannenfelt Finance was straightforward and they were very pragmatic in their approach to the business and the company's values.”

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Lasse Grannenfelt
+358 40 7178 572

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