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  • Value of an Advisor?

    Grannenfelt Finance is familiar with the current market situation and the requirements of each investor and is thus able to help your company in building and execution of the optimal funding package.

    1. Deal structuring

    The structure of the funding package is crucial. We assess company’s strategy and financials in order to determine what capital is necessary (debt or equity), and how much payments (interest, amortization, dividends) can be sustained. The optimal structure also depends on the instruments available considering the company’s particular situation.

    2. Fundraising strategy

    Fundraising is anything but a smooth and simple process. We help in crafting an intentional fundraising strategy and tailored messaging to the potential financiers.

    3. Investment memo and financial analysis

    Informative presentation materials, including relevant financial analysis and credible estimates, are crucial to support and advance the DD process of financiers. We support in tailoring the information package to the needs of each investor and financier.

    4. Negotiations

    Pricing and terms may differ with each investor and financier. To reach the optimal deal, Grannenfelt Finance uses its  knowledge of the market conditions for terms and pricing in order to negotiate the best possible outcome for each client.

    5. Execution

    A successful funding transaction must always be executed with the utmost efficiency and accuracy in order to reach the optimal outcome in regards to pricing, structure and terms.