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    Throughout history, early-stage companies have been financed with equity which has led to a substantial dilution of the founders and to a funding structure that is far from cost-efficient.

    Eeva Grannenfelt, the founder of Grannenfelt Finance, witnessed a significant change in the funding market in Finland around the end of 2015: Both, the European Union and the Finnish government begun to substantially increase the funding given to SME’s as their affect to the Finnish employment level and growth was realized. The investments to the SME sector made it possible for both private and public sectors to release several new funding instruments and, as a result, the market became very fragmented and complicated.

    To help SME’s find the best possible funding solution between all possible funding options, Eeva founded Grannenfelt Finance in 2016. The underlying value from the beginning has been to build the best possible funding package that meets each company’s individual needs and dilutes the owners as little as possible