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Grannenfelt Finance is an independent provider of financial solutions for growth companies, established in 2015. Our goal is to find comprehensive funding solutions that support growth during the entire life cycle of the company– thus enabling businesses to focus on growth without constantly having to worry about funding.

Today’s funding opportunities are diversified and fragmented outside the conventional banking sector to private, government, and EU solutions. We combine the suitable funding options effectively to fit our customers' individual needs.

Efficient Funding Solutions

Funding Services


Our goal is to always find the best possible funding options from the owners' and employees' point of view. Therefore,  we always map the intentions and needs of our customers in order to build the optimal funding structure.

Funding Strategy:

Creation of optimal funding strategy requires, among other things, analysis of the business plan and financials as well as capital structure testing. After the careful background work, we can plan the most suitable funding instruments to achieve our customers' goals.


Together with our customer, we execute the funding plan. We prepare the necessary material for financiers and negotiate the best possible terms.


In everything we do we always keep in mind the future funding requirements so that, when the time comes, the funding rounds can be executed smoothly.

Additional Services           

We Utilise All Funding Options

We effectively combine all possible funding options to create an optimal funding strategy for the company in hand.


Equity - We help our clients raise the required amount of equity by making use of our broad network of contacts, both institutional and private investors.


Debt - We help our clients to optimise the capital structure by using debt to increase shareholder value


Government funding -  We find the best combination of funding by combining private funding with the Finnish government's funding opportunities: Tekes, Finnvera, ELY center and Industry Investment.


EU funding - The European Union funds European SMEs through multiple different funding programs. Taking advantage of these opportunities, we find the best solutions for our clients' individual needs in the form of direct debt or guarantees.


Financial Due Diligence

Fund Structures

Corporate Governance

Funding is All About Trust

Funding is all about trust.
Gaining the trust of the financier is the key in successful funding negotiations.

We, as an independent and responsible operator, help our customers to gain that trust and to succeed in their funding rounds.


We are an independent operator with good connections to the funding providers - thus we are able to find the best funding solutions and instruments to match the different needs of our customers.



We have a customer-oriented approach to everything we do. We comprehensively map our customers' situations before giving an estimate whether the funding round, as planned, can be successful or not and which instruments are available in each situation.


We utilise all possible equity, debt and hybrid options, both private & government instruments, to find the right combination of funding for our customers' needs. 

Funding raised through us:

€120 M



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